Abour our blog


In our group, we have decided to write a travel blog because firstly were able to see through the exercises and the various forums of this second semester, that we had a common interest in travel and discovering new destinations, and secondly because we would like to escape from the pandemic that doesn’t allow us to travel, the Covid19.

In this blog we will share our knowledges about the countries we have been to, share our travels there, share information about culture, traditions, food and much more.

Creating and developing a blog will bring us new skills related to the Web, since developing a blog requires multiple skills in terms of editing.

The purpose of this travel blog is to make people and us travel virtually and make us forget a little the sanitary situation that we are living in for about a year.

Who doesn’t like travelling ? Nobody. This travel blog can only be loved because travelling is a part of our life and it is enriching us.

Finally, creating a travel blog is also interesting in terms of contacts. This allows us to meet great people all over the world !

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